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SAM 8. Samurai fighting

New Samurai packs

We have new Samurai packs available now. These are SAM 8 Samurai Fighting, SAM 9 Samurai with bows & arquebuses, SAM 10 Elite Samurai standing with yari, ASH 11 Ashigaru teppo loading and DYMO 12 Generic Daiymo on horse.

Landsknechts are coming

Landsknechts are coming

I’m very pleased to confirm that our new release of 28mm Landsknechts, for our Italian Wars range of 1494 to 1538. These figures represent the archetypal mercenaries from the territories of the Holy Roman Empire, who fought for all the protagonists in the wars in Italy. They can also be used as Swiss reislaufer. I’m […]

Season's Greetings 1

Season’s Greetings

My rendition of ‘Three Kings, circa 1520’. Season’s Greetings to all our customers; past, present and future. Thank you to all those who have recently ordered and have put up with the slight delay in getting the initial orders out. More stock has now been ordered for fill the gaps and we’ll be able to […]

New website launched!

New website launched!

Firstly, welcome to the new website! You will find all the existing Steel Fist Miniatures available here, plus a few additional items which complement our figures. To add to the Renaissance Knights we’ll be releasing the first packs of Landsknechts for our Italian Wars range at the start of 2018. We’ll share some pictures of […]