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New website launched!

New website launched!

Firstly, welcome to the new website!

You will find all the existing Steel Fist Miniatures available here, plus a few additional items which complement our figures. To add to the Renaissance Knights we’ll be releasing the first packs of Landsknechts for our Italian Wars range at the start of 2018. We’ll share some pictures of the new sculpts as soon as we can.

The second change is a reduction in the price of our packs, pretty much across the board, by about 12% and 20%. We want to enable customers who want to create larger units and complete armies with our models, to do this more cost-effectively, as well as support those who purchase occasionally.

Please note that the product pack codes have changed from the previous website, but all the figures are available!

We are currently moving existing stock to it’s new location. I’m endeavouring to organise everything as swiftly as possible, but there maybe a short delay in being able to send out all orders – please bear with us for a week or so!

If you wish to be kept up to date with news of Steel Fist Miniatures, please sign up for our newsletter via our homepage. We also have a Facebook page.

Many thanks, Simon