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Price Revisions on Gendarmes and Foot Knights

I’ve recently had new production moulds made for the Italian Wars Mounted Gendarmes and Foot Knights – some of our most popular figures. I’m pleased to advise that this has resulted in a REDUCTION in the selling price for these packs. New prices are on the webshop and are effective now. Simon

SDW 10 Samurai Sashimomo (B) x5 1

New stock of Renaissance Knight

We have new stocks of our popular mounted Renaissance knights. These are codes REN 6 to REN 11, as well as the Deals for these packs. The figures are all rom new production moulds, and we’ve used this opportunity to reorganise some packs – the images have been updated to show this. PLEASE NOTE: some […]


We remain open for business during the current Cornoavirus/Covid 19 Pandemic. Orders will take a little longer to despatch, as our local Post office is now closed and I need to collate orders to make a trip to the nearest Post Office. I will make every effort to minimise the impacts, but its most likely […]

New 15mm ECW range!

We’re starting a new range, new period and new scale. We are live with Kickstarter for a 15mm English Civil War range, which will include all Oliver’s great sculpting detail and our usual high quality historical accuracy, into ‘true scale’ 15mm figures. The range will start with foot and mounted figures, covering the early years […]

Light Cavalry now with soft hats

Our Light Cavalry packs of mounted crossbowmen and mounted arquebusiers are now supplied with separate heads wearing soft hats. The hats are typical of those seen in illustrations in the early 16th century across Europe. These are codes REN 21 to REN 24. This was the original plan, but Oliver had to resculpt all the […]

New Foot Knights

We’ve aded 2 new packs of Foot Knights for our Italian Wars range. REN 28 and REN 29 – both comprise of 4 figures, with separate heads and plumes, so they can be assembled with lots of variety.

New Daimyo – limited stocks

We have two new Daimyo packs available. These include the figures which Oliver sculpted as extras for his Kickstarters, some years ago. We do not spin these moulds very often, and therefore stock is limited and we’ll offer these packs whilst we have the castings. New codes are DYMO 13, diamyo wearing a tall kabuto […]

Seated Daimyo – available as individual figures

For a short time, we’ve added our seated Daimyo to the catalogue, available as individual figures at £2.75. They’re wonderfully detailed figures and a joy to paint. DYMO 3A Mori Hidemoto DYMO 4A Shimazu Yoshihiro DYMO 5A Tokugawa Ieyasu The existing packs, with 3D standards and banners are still available too.

Free Postage offer changes

We’ll be amending our Free Postage rate soon, most probably from 23 November. We want to keep this offer going for customers who make a large value purchase with us, but need to reflect the postage costs that are incurred. So the revised rate will be offered on orders of £150 or more. This applies […]

New Landsknecht packs

Our second release of new Landsknecht codes are about to be cast. These include rear-rank pikes (or halberdiers as they have open hands), more command packs, arquebusiers and zwiehanders. They can be pre-ordered now and will be despatched as soon as we have our initial stock run from the master moulds.