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Landsknechts are coming

Landsknechts are coming

I’m very pleased to confirm that our new release of 28mm Landsknechts, for our Italian Wars range of 1494 to 1538. These figures represent the archetypal mercenaries from the territories of the Holy Roman Empire, who fought for all the protagonists in the wars in Italy. They can also be used as Swiss reislaufer.

I’m confident that these are the most accurate and most detailed Landsknecht figures available in 28mm. We’re starting with 7 new packs, with more figures to follow. These include open-handed figures for the front ranks of pike blocks or as halberdiers, in both armoured and unarmoured poses. Others are a command group, hand-to-hand fighters and a mixed shot with crossbow and arquebuse. They are finely detailed sculpts, all with separate heads which are interchangeable to maximise variety within units, and are based on the contemporary illustrations of Urs Graf, Necker and Hans Burgkmair.