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Finest 28mm historical figures for gamers and collectors

DYMO 04. Shimazu Yoshihiro


Shimazu Yoshihiro and 2 bannermen.

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Shimazu Yoshihiro was the leader of the Shimazu Clan, a crafty veteran commander here depicted at the battle of Sekighahara in 1600, where he supported the western side. He refused to commit his clan until the end of the battle, due to his strategy being ignored by Ishida. When they did finally charge, their assault was so fierce that it nearly cut through to Tokugawa himself, before being stopped. He is depicted pensively stroking his beard and contemplating whether to advance or not. He comes with two bannermen holding his personal banners, (includes brass nobori and resin 3-dimensional standard). FEB 19 – THIS PACK IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED WHILST NEW RESIN STANDARDS ARE MADE

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