SAM 3. Elite Samurai - charging
SAM 03. Elite Samurai – charging

SAM 03. Elite Samurai – charging


Elite Samurai – charging.

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The first figure is wearing an armour covered with small feathers, the helmet features a Tengu face mask.

The second figure wears a scale covered armour, with a Kawari Kabuto featuring a crab which was a symbol of strength.

The third figure wears armour that has the look of ragged clothes with a Kabuto featuring long unkempt hair, perhaps symbolising a Ronin or Bandit.

The fourth wears a Namban armour, the Kabuto is a copy of the one worn by Niwa Ujitsugu.

These figures are supplied with a random selection of kabuto and 3-dimensional sashimono , which require pins or metal rod to attach to the figures.