LM 02. Foot Knights (B)

LM 02. Foot Knights (B)


Foot Knights (B) with standard bearer

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Foot Knights (B)

These knights in late 15th century harness or armour.

The knight on the left carries an alsphiss, a weapon designed to punch though plate armour. He wears a highly fluted and cusped european ‘gothic’ harness of the kind worn in Germany, France and less occasionally in England.

The central figure wears a heraldic tabard and a western european harness, note the brass helmet ornaments, knights like this would have been seen leading armies during the Wars of the Roses.

The right-hand figure wears a western european harness of the type seen in England France and the Low Countries.
This pack includes a standard bearer, in coat and riding boots.

These figures have heads attached and weapons are cast separately for assembly to the figure.