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Finest 28mm and 15mm historical figures for gamers and collectors

Christmas 2022 Closing Dates

Hello Christmas Closure Dates Just to advise, I’ll be posting orders up to 21 December 2022. I plan to restart on 2 January 2023, but I may get some done over the festive period. If anyone wants to place an order, the online shop will remain open – I don’t let it take any days […]

Future Plans

I thought I’d share something on future plans. I know our great hobby thrives on ‘new stuff’ and we’re all keen to know as much as we can about what’s in the pipeline. So, with the caveat that Steel Fist is a part-time venture and (borrowing from Robert Burns) ”The best-laid plans o’ mice and […]

Sadly … a Price Increase

Not so good news….as with all other wargame figure makers, my costs are going up and sadly I cannot hold off increasing pack prices. The increases are less than 5%. I regret having to do this, but I’ve not raised prices since taking on Steel Fist and indeed I lowered the original pack prices. Prices […]