WFD 10. Tudor dollies
REN 32. Tudor dollies – advancing

REN 32. Tudor dollies – advancing


WFD 30. Tudor dollies (set of 6).

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A set of 6 Tudor dollies wearing early 16th century coats, for conversion to longbowmen, halberdiers or pikemen, suitable for most northern European armies of c 1500-1530. These figures are sculpted by Stuart Mulligan, using Oliver’s dollies and were previously sold by Stuart.

The figures are designed to have arms, heads and weapons added using Perry Miniatures 28mm plastics from their Wars of the Roses 1450-1500 boxes Рboth Infantry and Mercenaries Рand their metal Tudor Heads (Code EA 7). The conversion is straightforward by attaching selected Perry arms, heads and scabbarded swords etc. Sleeves can be added fairly easily with modelling putty (or you can make your own arms and heads!).

More information on using these and what can be achieved is on Stuart’s Army Royale blog:¬†