ECWH 08. Prince Rupert and Earl of Rochester – Royalist Command Pack


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ECWH 8 Prince Rupert and Earl of Rochester Command Pack
These commanders epitomise the aggressive ‘cavaliers’ and they’re depicted at the gallop, with swords drawn, in the Swedish style favoured by many Royalists.
Rupert is depicted with a plain riding coat over his armour and a montero cap, as he was recorded wearing at Marston Moor to avoid being recognised by the high quality of his clothes under the coat. He probably has a metal skull cap under the montero. Along with Rupert is his famous poodle Boye who was killed at Marston Moor. Rochester was a very popular and professional cavalry commander; he is wearing a high quality continental style armour with a Zischagge helmet. With them is a troop of very fancy cavaliers in fine clothing and quality equipment.This pack consist of 11 horsemen and a hound.