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SAM 01. Elite Samurai, with sashimono


Elite Samurai, with sashimono.

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Elite hatamoto characters; the best and most famous samurai in a lords hatamoto, as they have there own personal sashimono. The first figure is wearing a fur covered gusoku, a kawari kabuto and uses a kanemuchi which is a long iron club that needed great strength to wield effectively. He also has a long beard characteristic of the aniu people of northern japan. The second miniatures is wearing elaborate gusoku and wields a nagamaki – a long handled sword. The third miniature is waring a proctective practical gusoku with an eboshi kabuto (a helmet in the form of a popular hat in the samurai court). He wields a nodachi, a type on sword that was long handled and sometimes had a blade of 5 feet in length. These figure come equipped with weapons and with sashimono which may vary from this shown.