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ECWH 09. Lord Hopton and Prince Maurice – Royalist Command Pack


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ECWH 9 Lord Hopton and Prince Maurice Command Pack Lord Hopton and Prince Maurice were the mainstay of the Royalist armies in the South West campaigns during the civil war. We’ve chosen to depict these senior commanders in a static stance, dispensing orders. Lord Hopton is wearing an outfit he is depicted in from a period engraving. Prince Maurice is depicted in cuirassier armour. It’s now understood that there may have been more cuirassiers in Royalist forces than previously thought, with one full lifeguard troop recorded as being raised in 1644. With this in mind we’ve chosen to depict half of the lifeguard troop accompanying them as cuirassiers with swords drawn to reflect the aggressive Royalist tactics. It’s likely that a proportion of other lifeguard troops were so equipped and this pack reflects this.