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Finest 28mm historical figures for gamers and collectors

DYMO 06. Ii Naomasa – mounted – with bannermen


Ii Naomasa – mounted – with 2 bannermen.

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Ii Naomasa with two standard bearers Ii Naomasa is depicted leading the first charge at the battle of Sekigahara in 1600, depriving Fukishima Masanori the honour given by Ieyasu. A very flamboyant character as his armour attests. This is his trademark red armour with huge horns and he carries a nodachi sword. His horse is also covered with red lacquered leather armour to look like a dragon, again fitting his flamboyant reputation. He comes with 2 banner men, one carrying brass nobori and one with 3-dimensional banner, which is a resin casting. FEB 19 – THIS PACK IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED WHILST NEW RESIN STANDARDS ARE MADE

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