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Finest 28mm historical figures for gamers and collectors

DYMO 03. Mori Hidemoto


Mori Hidemoto and 2 bannermen.

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Mori Hidemoto was leader of the hugely powerful Mori clan, who supported the western army at Sekigahara, he was also present in the Imjin war. Leaders of the Mori clan are said to have often worn armour covered in peacock feathers. Here Hidemoto is depicted wearing a huge catfish tail kabuto covered in peacock feathers, and wears a feather covered jacket. The Mori make one of the most colourful clans you can collect with their interesting sashimono. He comes with two bannermen carrying his personal banners (includes brass nobori and resin 3-dimesional standard). FEB 19 – THIS PACK IS TEMPORARILY SUSPENDED WHILST NEW RESIN STANDARDS ARE MADE

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