Samurai and Daimyo

Sek 30

Sek 30


Hosokawa Tadaoki and Katagiri Katsumoto plus standard bearers and elite samurai.

Hosokawa Tadaoki with pheasant feather kabuto, was a powerful Toyotomi Daimyo who later supported the Tokugawa.

Katagiri Katsumoto was also a loyal Toyotomi supporter, who in his youth was one of the famous 7 spears of shizugatake. he is wearing armour compleatly covered in bear fur.

Also three elite hatamoto samurai guards. these wear unusual armours that would have mostly been worn by daimyo or high profile samurai. One has a eboshi kabuto and a sashimono of a burning arrow. The next is wearing a unusual kawari kabuto with a cow head style top and carries a nagamaki. The last also wears a rare kabuto type mimicking a human forehead and he wears nio dou armour, a lot of samurai armour was themed this armour represents a old wandering ronin. he has a nodachi this figure is an attempt to portray Sasaki Kojiro a famous master swordsman who was Hosokawa's master at arms