Samurai and Daimyo

Sek 28

Sek 28


Elite hatamoto characters, the best and most famous samurai in a lords hatamoto they have there own personal sashimono.

 The first figure is wearing a fur covered gusoku, a kawari kabuto and uses a kanemuchi which is a long iron club that needed great strength you wield effectively, he also has a long beard characteristic of the aniu people of northern japan.

The second miniatures is wearing elaborate gusoku and wields a nagamaki which is a very long handled sword.

The third miniature is waring a proctective practical gusoku with a eboshi kabuto the kind of helmet was in the form of a popular hat in the samurai court, he wields a nodachi a type on sword that was long handled a sometimes had a blade 5 feet in length again needing considerable strength to use with sufficent speed.

these figure will require steel pins to complete the sashimono these are easily obtained from many online miniature sites. the figures will also need minor assembly, the contain lead and are not sutable for children

These figures are equipped as shown.